• Anyone can use psychic abilities, I am the leader of the Avatar Warriors, and you are our new cadet. Below we will explain how to make an avatar, how to determine cadet rank, and how to gain more points within the warriors to become higher rank.
  • Cup your hands like you are holding a ball, focus your energy into your hand by visualizing it moving into your hands and forming a ball. With your thoughts name the ball and teach it abilities. After this you can call on your avatar by calling its name and it can use the abilities you teach it to do what you want it to do.

To prevent the avatar from evaporating tell your avatar not to decompress.

Rank ListEdit

Rank Points

  • Members with points ranging from 0-39 are Rookies
  • Members with points ranging from 40-50 are Battle Kings
  • Members with points ranging from 51-80 are Ultimate Warriors
  • Members with points ranging from 81-110 are Leaders

Task ListEdit

  • Creation +10 points

Create an avatar

  • Teacher +10 points

Teach your avatar three abilities

  • Simple Victory +10 points

Defeat one avatar using one avatar

  • Trader +10 points

Trade the name of your avatar with the name of another's avatar.

  • Collect Claim +20

Defeat one avatar using one avatar and collect your opponent's avatar name as a reward.

  • For every attack a victory +30 points

Defeat up to three avatars using only one avatar

  • Clone +30 points

Teach an avatar every psychic ability you know.

  • False Victory +30 points

Fight someone lacking an avatar using your avatar without telling the person you are using an avatar.

  • Overpowering +50 points

Win a battle against more than one hundred avatars using only one avatar

  • Claim Champion +60 points

Learn the names of ninety-nine avatars with different names belonging to others and call upon all of them by name in a battle against an opponent.

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