What makes up an Alternate Reality Game 1?Edit

  • Chapters that complete a satisfying yet realistic story that follows the story of the game.
  • Clues that help lead players to drops.
  • Drops for the players to collect so that they may find a chapter and clues to the next drop.

How to make an Artificial Reality Game 1Edit

  • Write a satisfying yet realistic story split into chapters.
  • Think of different locations where you would like to hide these chapters whether in the physical world, on the internet, or both.
  • Create clues that could help someone find the chapters and hide the clues in different locations where they could be found by someone whether in the physical world on the internet or both.

What Makes up an Alternate Reality Game 2?Edit

  • A story that includes a fictional group, describes the author as leader of the group, and the reader as a new member of the group.
  • A system that associates a number of points collected to your rank in the group.
  • A list of tasks each with an associated point value.

How to make an Alternate Reality Game 2?Edit

  • Write a satisfying yet realistic story that describes yourself as the leader of a group and the people reading as joining the group. The story must also establish a group rank system based on points collected.
  • Create a list of tasks, each task having next to it a point value.
  • Place the story and task list right next to each other in a place easily accessible like a public bulletin board.

How to spice up an Alternate Reality Game 2?Edit

  • Group dress code (A dress code that is worn by players to signify their involvement in the game.)
  • Group language (A code that only those who have read the story can understand or decipher.)

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